Pony Club D Test



  • The Efficiency Tests provide a staircase of knowledge and progression when taken in sequence.
  • The Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge is a prerequisite before taking the D Test.


  • To have a basic understanding of ponies.
  • To achieve confidence in handling and riding a pony.
  • To improve and enjoy learning about ponies.
  • To hold more Mini Achievement Badges.


  • Mount and dismount.
  • Understand and show a correct position in the saddle at halt.
  • Be able to hold the reins correctly.
  • Be able to ride a quiet pony safely, in an enclosed area without the leading rein, in walk and trot.


  • Approach and handle a pony correctly.
  • Know basic needs of a pony in summer and winter.
  • Catch a pony and put on a headcollar.
  • Proper way to give a pony an apple or carrot.
  • Lead a pony in hand in walk and turn correctly.
  • Tie up correctly.
  • Name simple points of the pony.
  • Name different parts of saddle and bridle.
  • Recognise a dandy brush and rubber curry comb.


  • Keeping a Pony at Grass
  • 'The Manual of Horsemanship' - read the sections below:
  • Points of the horse
  • Mount and dismount (Omit 'to dismount using the stirrup')
  • The correct length of stirrup
  • The position of the rider in the saddle
  • Holding single reins
  • Handling a horse
  • Fitting a headcollar
  • Leading and showing in hand
  • The parts of a saddle
  • The parts of a snaffle bridle
  • Putting on a saddle and bridle

Recommended Minimum age: 8 years.

Felt Colour: Yellow